The number of accidents and dangerous actions on the road sometimes cannot be captured by CCTV cameras because of their position far from the distance of the incident. For this reason, there are now many people who use the best dash cam for truckers
in order to record important events that they could miss. In fact, for a large vehicle such as a truck, the camera will be very useful. So, you certainly don’t wonder if in the present there are many people who use these cameras.

In choosing and buying the camera, there are some tips that you should use. These tips will affect the quality of the dashboard camera that you will get later. Some of the tips referred to here are

1. The main feature for recording accidents

Make sure the Car Dashboard Camera has basic features such as continuous loop, emergency recording, and G-Force sensors. Continuous loop is the process of deleting the initial recording if the storage memory on the Car Dashboard Camera is full so that there is enough memory to store the most recent recordings. The emergency recording is the process of recording on the Car Dashboard Camera which starts recording when something emergency happens. This emergency situation is triggered by active G-force sensors. An example is when a sudden collision or braking occurs.

2.Camera quality

Usually the most important feature in the dash camera is the quality of the camera itself. If you want to install it in your car, then you have to find one that records in high definition quality (720p / 1080p). Non-HD cameras have difficulty recording with details (such as license plates) and chances are you will be disappointed in your purchase, then not used when you want to sell a car dashboard camera as a second item then you will feel loss. HD cameras also tend to offer good video quality at night.

3. Size

With a dashboard camera, wisdom can be a major factor. You can find small/practical cameras in all shapes and sizes, from large, clear cameras to compact cameras intended to blend in with your dashboard. Like things like wallets, cell phones, wallets, and other valuables, you might not want to install an oversized dash camera.

4. GPS system

Many new car dash cameras have a car GPS receiver on the dashboard that allows you to track your location when playing videos. Car GPS dash camera allows you to easily prove your location at a certain time and automatically set the date and time. Dashboard cameras with GPS will use an external GPS antenna or have one built-in for the unit itself. The Dashboard camera system with GPS is also usually complete with mapping software for your computer.

By paying attention to these four things, then you will get a good quality dashboard camera and you can record various events, especially accidents that can occur on the highway. Installing a dashboard camera for vehicles is indeed one of the important things considering the many unexpected things that are on the road.

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